If you’ve signed up to us and indicated you’re free to switch, we’ll get to switching you straight away. When we initiate a switch for you, we will email you with your new tariff name, unit rates, standing charges and all the t’s and c’s. 

Got that email? You now have a 14 day cool off period in which you can cancel at any time, we do recommend if you’re on day 13/14 to contact the supplier directly to tell them you’re cancelling too, just to be on the safe side.

Once you’re through the cool off period you’ll receive contact from your new supplier in around a week, sometimes this takes longer. Your supplier will take it from here and get you all set up to switch, you’ll never go off supply due to a switch, suppliers are in essence just changing the name of the company providing you! 

A switch normally takes around 3 weeks, but your supplier will contact you with your switch date. Around your switch date your new supplier will ask you for a first meter reading. Can’t provide this reading? This is sent to your old supplier who will then use this as your final reading to ensure that you are never charged for the same energy twice. 

A final bill from your old supplier will take around 6 weeks , at this point you’ll be refunded any excess credit or be charged for any debit in your account. All done? Congratulations you’re now making a nice big saving. We’ll automatically start the process again when your tariff is almost at its end (you’re not charged exit fees in the last 49 days of your tariff).