We always switch to tariffs which are paid in Direct Debit monthly installments because these are typically the cheapest tariffs and the also the most frequent, we ask you to provide your annual usage figures to work out your monthly Direct Debit, but if you don’t have these figures you can select low, medium or high usage based on the size of your house and how many occupants there are. You can normally find your annual consumption for gas and electricity on an old bill, it’s measured in KwH. If your provider has hidden this information away then get in contact with them and ask for it. 

If you’re selecting low, medium or high usage we’ll use OFGEM approved figures. When you switch over, your new supplier may gather more information on your meter and then be able to change your Direct Debit to reflect this. 

Your monthly Direct Debit may change with your provider, if your usage is higher or lower than they expect, but if you’re in a fixed term tariff your standing charge and unit rate will never change within the contract!